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Visit View Nepal Trek

Visit View Nepal would like to welcome you to experience the distinct  culture and topography  of Nepal.  As a entrusted  government certified tour operator we present an skilled and educated staff motivated to encounter  your unique travel requires while including  local guidance to provide an pure and true  adventure in Nepal. Our purpose is to sustain an economically ruthless company that takes a small margin of profit,  to contribute outstanding  working conditions and sake  for our staff and the local people we visit. Our aspect is  environmental and cultural awareness and maintain supportable business practices.

Our company is reassure by a group of skilled, passionate  and  ambitious trekking guides and  tour leaders. We have been success in  providing thousands of adventure and pleasure trips. With  our  worth, safety record, friendly and economic service, many of our clients have now become our best ad. We, therefore are proud to be a successful service  provider, to suitable  each customer’s needs leaving you unburdened to discover everything Nepal has to offer.Visit View Nepal Treks & Expedition welcomes you to Nepal with best service from the top of the world.

Our Service:

  1. Meet at airport. Transport is provided by prestigious drivers and road worthy vehicle.
  2. Multi – lingual and experienced guides are trained in Eco-friendly trekking actions. Knowledgeable tour guides are provided  to take you for City Tours, within the valley.
  3. Group or individual tours can be tailor made to suit your requirements.
  4. Assistance with bookings to other international destinations.
  5. Visit View Nepal Trek can provide female porters and guides for the woman trekkers, if needed.
  6. Activities: Trekking, Mountain Expedition, Peak Climbing, Tour, Hiking in Nepal, Jungle Safari, White Water Rafting, City Sightseeing, Cultural Tour, Pilgrimage Tour, Eco Tour, Village Tour, Bird Watching, Adventure Sports, Bicycle Riding, Ticketing, Mountain Flight, Honey Hunting, Yoga Ayurveda & Spa, Bungee Jump, Volunteering, Photography, Car rental, Tibet Tour, Bhutan Tour etc.

Client Safety,  Our #1 priority

As trekking is an adventurous activities, safety is the first priority. Our guides are selected based on their technical mastery, proven safety records, exemplary  judgment, their friendly manner  and their ability to provide helpful and knowledgeable instructions. Our guides are  favorably  professional and well trained in first aid training program and personal protection equipment.

Clothing and Staff Welfare

Visit View Nepal Trek provides all the necessary protective equipment for our guides and porters  to ensure they are comfortable. i.e.  Gore-Tex coats, trousers, fleece jackets, pants, gloves, hats, socks and blankets along with trekking shoes.

Unlike many companies the welfare of our staff is crucial to Visit View Nepal Trek. Each member is viewed as a crucial part of our team and are treated with international standards to ensure proper treatment.

Meals and Accommodation

Visit View Nepal Trek serves with a nutritious and tasty meals at each stop along your trek. We can ensure the hygienic food by reputable tea houses provider which will meet the safety standards. Trekking accommodation will be in local mountain village tea houses during the trek.

The Trek

Visit View Nepal Trek designed an itinerary to make the hike both demanding and amusing for all our clients. After completion of breakfast, we will starts the day followed by the morning walk. During the walk, you can enjoy with the varieties of flora, fauna and other items on the way. Few hours hiking makes us stop to have our lunch around noon and take a break for relaxing.

Again we will start our hike to reach our destination, after completing a short walk. This provides time to unwind, bond with your travel companions as you enjoy the sunset from each mountain towns, where we will spend our night for rest. Dinner is normally served around 7:30 pm and guests can enjoy the evenings.

Trekking Guides and Staff:

Visit View Nepal Trek ensures the highly experience and government license holder guides and staff  to make your trip more valuable and enjoyable. Each guide is very familiar to geography of Nepal and they are very well trained and educated in travel and tourism management.

Each guide has also complete courses in first aid, mountaineering, Eco-trekking training and more to ensure that they are well trained  in all aspects of trekking, climbing, safety and conservation. Our guides are highly dedicated to proving you with the well experienced possible and providing the genuine local knowledge to magnify  your experience

Discounted Travel:

Visit View Nepal tries to minimize unnecessary overhead expenses of clients to  get the best value for their money.  If the group is 12+, then we offer a land-cost free trip to single person and we also offer a 5% discount to our loyal customers who have taken two or more trips with our company. We provide high quality equipment, service and hospitality at competitive prices to ensure you get the best for your money.

Professional and Caring Staff:

Visit View Nepal provides an experienced professional and caring staff for the welfare off the customer to make their trip more enjoyable and excitement. They will show you the great hospitality and kindness of Nepali people to make your trip more memorable.

Personalized Services/ Private Groups:

Our minimum requirement for operation is only two people, thus we can provide you a personalized service at a reasonable cost. We are happy to provide tailor-made, private group departures on dates that will suit you best.  We can customize our itineraries based on your requirements, that suits for your group.

Responsible Tourism

  1. ‘Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints’.
  2. We will operate our trek  guided by the principles of ecotourism and sustainable tourism.
  3. We build environment and culture awareness and respect.
  4. We will not left the garbage after completing our trek to be free from the pollution.
  5. We try as much as we can to use local material and products to uplift villagers lifestyle.
  6. We sponsored some of school where we visit.
  7. We support human rights and labor agreements.

Social Responsibilities:

To uplift the livelihood of the people who left behind in rural villages or who are very poor for schooling, Visit View Nepal provides a portion of its to support social projects; in particular helping poor people to go to school. With our small efforts , many children from rural areas got a chance to continue their primary education. We also organize a volunteering program timely to make aware about primary health, education and personal hygiene. Therefore, we Visit View Nepal feel proud to be a small contributor to uplift the local peoples livelihood through the help of social projects.

We value our culture and aim to further the development and preserve of native Nepali culture and religion, although we are a travel company.