Bungee Jumping in Bhotekoshi Nepal

When the adventure people come to Nepal for outdoor activities, there are hundreds ways of enjoying in the area of nature. Bungee jumping in Bhotekoshi Nepal is one of the most attraction sports for the visitant across the world. Nepal is topographically very rich to experience the adventure activities. Eventually Nepal has three Bungee spots which enhance the experience of adventure in each scene. All of them are listed below:

Bhote Kosi Bungee Jump

Bhotekoshi Bungee Jump is the Asia’s third largest bungee spots which is located on the Nepal Tibet border of Nepal. It is the first bungee spots of Nepal leaving behind the two other bungee spots. You can see the wonderful view of Bhotekoshhi River when you jump from the bridge which is 166 meters long. The suspension bridge has proven safety by maintain all the safety protocols with the total capacity to hold 4.5 tons. However bungee in Bhotekoshi will be worth with its magnificent views of the George.

If you are interested to do Bhotekoshi bungee jump then it lies hours apart from Kathmandu a capital city. It is 80 km far from Kathmandu to reach the suspension bridge (The Last Resort). If you want to travel the blot then there is available of both the private and public vehicles. Upon your appearance, The Last Resort will arrange your adventure. The lush forest of vegetation adds beauty to your trip to Bungee jump in Bhotekoshi.

bhotekoshi bungee jump
Bungee jump in Bhotekoshi (Credit: nepalvisitors)

Pokhara Bungee Jump

Pokhara is one of the best tourist destination for foreigner to travel. It rewards you with the massive Annapurna range, beside that for adventure lover a new bungee blot has been established few years back. It is 25 minutes away from Lakeside, Pokhara with 75 meters of vertical free fall. This free fall can be completed within a few seconds, later which you can outlook the fascinating view of lakeside. The high ground Pokhara Bungee Jump is the first well-established jumping tower of Nepal.

Experiencing Bungee in the wonderful city Pokhara can be the adventurous and safest Bungee jumping in Nepal. With the experience of Bungee jump you can also feel the ultimate beauty of hills bounded by the Himalayas and nature.

bungee jumping in pokhara
Pokhara Bungee Jump

Kushma Bungee Jump

It is the latest established bungee blot of Nepal, located at Kushma Parvat district. It is the second-highest Bungee spot all over the globe, with an elevation of 2228 meters for free fall. The suspension bridge of Kusma binds the two districts of Nepal; Kusma and Baglung respectively. It resides on the gorge of Kali Gandaki from where you can admire a beauty of mount Annapurna and mount Dhaulagiri

It takes about 8 – 10 hours driving which is about 262 km away from the capital of Nepal to reach the cliff. However it is just 60 km way from Pokhara to reach the Kushma cliff which is about 3 hours drive to reach the bungee blot.

Besides, Bungee Jump the cliff also offers the longest and loftiest cycle with the 228 meters highest towering adventurous swing of the world. Moreover, very less people have known the fact that the overpass of Bungee jump is the enlarged pedestrian suspension bridge in the earth. Your trip towards the Bungee jump in the world’s second-highest blot is full of wonderful memories.

Therefore, Bungee jumping in Nepal’s all spot can be the good memories for your entire life. With this information, Nepal has performed its level chief to grant the way of enjoyment you seek in Bungee jump in Nepal. For the beginner to the expert level Bungee experience, Nepal has its best spot throughout the world. However it can become difficult for you to manage your Bungee plan on the spot of Bungee in Nepal, so to make your adventure less tiring, our Visit View Nepal Treks Team is always on your availability to let your dream come true.

Kushma Bungee Jump