Nepali Climbers Make History with Winter Summit of K2 Mountain

The Nepalese team of 10 mountain climbers climb the world’s most fearful peak, K2 in winter 2021 (Nepali team summit K2). Nepali anthem echoes at the summit of K2 Mountain after making history, by finishing first in K2 winter ascent.

Nepalese Sherpa’s are exceptional at mountain climbing and this time, they made history by conquering the peak of K2. Nepalese Sherpa reached the summit, during the hardest time of mountaineering season.

The International Community of Mountaineering is celebrating this day along with Nepal, as the Nepali Climbing Team becomes first in K2 winter ascent (Nepali team summit K2).

Because the success of the Nepalese team has unlocked the new dimension of mountaineering and expedition. Pakistan’s K2 is queue with dozens of mountaineers over the past few weeks, who were competing to ascend the world’s second-highest mountain peak, K2.

Mount K2 (Credit: himalayanglacier)

Nepali team summit K2

Nepali Mountaineering Team Making History

The Nepalese team is the first to summit Pakistan’s Karakorum’s Savage Mountain. Before them, Nepalese women summit Mt K2 which has also set the example among mountaineers. Meanwhile, to express this great moment, Nirmal Purja posted on Facebook :

“The impossible is made possible!” Nirmal Purja wrote on Facebook. “History made for mankind. History made for Nepal!”

In the beginning, the 10 Nepali climbers were not in the same team, actually they were in different team. The competition was consist by 60 climbers separated into four different teams. However, Nepalese team decided to ascend Savage Mountain together, so that they could claim the feat in Nepal’s name. One of the fierce Nepali climbers, Nimsdai Purja describe their special moment in a social media post:

“We are proud to have been a part of history for humankind and to show that collaboration, teamwork and a positive mental attitude can push limits to what we feel be possible.”

K2 mountain is known for its tough mountaineering trial where the temperature drops to minus 60 degree Celsius and the wind blows more than the speed of 200 KM per hour at savage mountain. For the first time, the first ascent of K2 happened on 31 July 1954 by Achille Compagnoni & Lino Lacedelli.

Nepali team summit K2

But the Nepalese team claim the first winter ascent of K2. Notably, 9 of the climbers are Sherpa. Sherpa people are masters of mountaineering as climbing and expedition in Nepal. The major things Sherpa people love to do is climbing a mountain to make their livings.

Summit of Mt. K2 (Credit: himalayanglacier)

Moreover, Pakistan’s K2 is only 200 m shorter than the Everest, but summit K2 passes through the hazardous section where the bottleneck a couloir liable to icefall. And sadly, eleven climbers even laid to rest in these passes during the 2008 expedition. Even this week in K2, a climber from Spain, Sergi Mingote, died due to the tragic fall.

mount k2
Mount K2 ( Credit: bbc )

Till now, K2 was the lone mountain higher than 8,000m not to be move in winters. Also, as per The Alpine Club of Pakistan (ACP), the greatest stature by any mountain dweller in the winters was 25,320 ft.

In any case, the Nepali group incorporating Mingma G with Mingma David Sherpa, Mingma Tenzi Sherpa, and Sona Sherpa’s tie-up end up being extremely effective and their group has made their country pleased. Additionally, they have arrived at the lines up to Camp 4 at 7,800m, the most elevated height ever accomplished at K2.