No more mandatory quarantine in Nepal: What it means for tourists?

The tourists who have received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, the Government of Nepal has lifted the 7 day quarantine requirement. Previously, Nepal had lifted the lockdown implicated amid the outbreak of the COVID-19 and reopened the international flights by applying certain restrictions and criteria in place.

In previous guidelines implemented by Nepal government, tourists traveling to Nepal were required to show a negative PCR report, 7 days mandatory hotel quarantine, and an additional $5000 COVID insurance.

tourist in Nepal
Tourists excited to board the plane in Tribhuwan International Airport, Nepal (CREDIT: Himalayan Glacier)

Quarantine In Nepal

Due to these guidelines, tourists have been unwilling to travel to Nepal. Focusing on this point, on 18 march 2021, the council of ministers has changed the previous guidelines and made them more accommodating for tourists. The new guideline has removed the mandatory 7 days quarantine in Nepal.

Tourist should show documentation as a proof of vaccination against Corona Virus. Non-vaccinated tourists will have to present a negative PCR report not more than 72 hours prior to the departure. The tourists will be free from the mandatory quarantine if they got a vaccinated against COVID 19 or having a negative PCR report.

The list of the documents to be presented at the immigration of Nepal upon arrival are listed below:

  • Visa (can be applied on arrival)
  • Hotel booking confirmation
  • Proof of complete vaccination against COVID-19 or a negative PCR report (taken not more than 72 hours prior to the departure)
  • Travel Insurance (for health and other contingencies for the duration of the travel.)
tourist at Nepal
Excited travelers getting of the flight (CREDIT: Himalayan Glacier)
Quarantine In Nepal

Those tourists who fulfilled the requirement they are allowed to enter Nepal. However, tourists are compulsory to PCR tests immediately upon arrival. Those tourists with negative results are allowed to continue their trip without any changes in their travel itinerary. But if the PCR tests is positive, tourists are required to stay in hotel quarantine until recovery.

In Nepal, Corona virus vaccine is already vaccinated to all elderly people and frontline service providers (Police, Teachers, Doctors, Bankers, Government workers). And now Nepal government is focusing to make available of the CORONA vaccine to the general public. As the cases of the corona virus are almost very less, Nepal has decided to reopen its gateways to travelers.

The approaching spring season in Nepal will definitely benefit from this news. The best season to travel Nepal is spring season (March to May). Tourists will no longer have to face unnecessary hassles because of removed of mandatory quarantine. Contact us to start planning for an adventure of a lifetime to Nepal and more amazing destinations.