Weather and Climate

Nepal’s weather is generally predictable and overall pleasant. Despite the geographical diversity, it might be surprising that such as tiny country has so many different climate season. The tropical, temperate, and tundra climate zones are encountered in Nepal’s Terai belt, midland hills, and then alpine regions respectively. Nepal has four seasons in a year – winter, spring, monsoon and autumn.

The best time for nature lovers to visit the country is during the  spring since this is the time when flowers are in full blossom and mountain slopes are covered with beautiful and colorful flowers. Sometimes clouds may disturb or heighten the mountain views. This wonderful spring season begins from early March and continues till late May. After that the monsoon begins in late May and continues till late August. Autumn starts from September to till late November, with temperate climates, clear blue skies, and extraordinary mountain views. It is yet another fine season to visit the country and the trekking season will also be in full swing. Nepal’s winter begins in late November and continues till late February.

In Nepal, there are in fact six seasons:

Nepali SeasonsMonths
SpringApril – May
SummerJune – July
MonsoonEnd June to Mid September
AutumnSeptember – November
WinterDecember – January
Sisir (Windy)February – March

For up to date Information about Weather & Climate Please visit Government of Nepal Department of Hydrology and Meteorology Meteorological Forecasting Division